Miss Galvin Learns

November 25, 2011
by Ms Stefanie Galvin

Surpassing Expectations

photoAs much as I love to ‘dream big’ in regards to using technology with my students, I’m also relatively practical about the fact that my students are 5 and 6 years old. When we first started blogging I didn’t really expect my students to write comments on our blog – I thought their parents would.

And I do have a few parents who love to leave comments on the blog, along with their children.

I also have a few truly inspiring students who want to push their own boundaries.

One student in particular just blows me away. She’s 6 years old and regularly writes comments from home and recently started asking to write comments at school. During our last two Investigations sessions (aka Developmental Play) she’s busily replied to 2 comments on her own. The first was a reply to another student, and when she’d finished typing we sat down together and corrected spelling and punctuation and talked about formatting.

The second comment she wrote, today, just highlighted how much students can achieve independently. Earlier in the week she left a comment on our blog about our recent Gelati Day at school. I sent her a reply, but she saw it for the first time this morning. She read my reply aloud and then talked about what she wanted to write in response. I left her alone to do her typing for about fifteen minutes and when she was finished we went back through and looked at the spelling/punctuation/etc.

I was just blown away by her enthusiasm.

And no, independently she doesn’t have the skills yet to always use punctuation, capitalisation or formatting. She is developing great sounding out strategies (and if we’d left her work it would have been readable) for spelling. But she’s 6, and she’s learning and I think that’s the most amazing thing of all!

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