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Professional Development Log

Please find below a list of current professional development I have undertaken – either in face-to-face sessions or online webinars and conferences.


Australia Series

Sharing Digital Media (Chris Smith/@shamblesguru, 21/09)


Keynote 2010: Why Networked Learning Matters (Alec Couros, 10/08)


Literacy in the Digital Age (Kimberly Rivett, 30/07)

Connecting Blogs Globally (Kathleen Morris, 30/07)

Keynote (Terry Freedman, 30/07)

The 30 Goals Challenge (Shelly Terell, 05/08)

Creativity in Education (Pam Burnard, 06/08)


At Risk Students: What Do I Do Now? (Ruth Herman-Wells, 13/09)

Control the Uncontrollable Child (Ruth Herman-Wells, 16/08)

Get Back to School With Google (Simple K-12, 24/08)

How to Avoid the Top 5 Time Wasters in Your Classroom (Darren Barkett, 12/09)

How to be a Viral Educator (Shelly Terrell, 08/09)

Information Literacy: 8 New Ways to Think and Search in Your Classroom (Howie, 29/08)

Jump Start Your Digital Footprint (Steven Anderson, 24/09)

Keep Yourself Organised with Livebinders (Jerry Swiatek, 24/09)

Lights, Camera, Action! Easily Create Dynamic Video Presentations (@techmunoz, 08/09)

Maximum-Strength Motivation: Turn Around Your Most Unmotivated Students (Ruth Herman-Wells, 23/08)

Online Activities for Younger Student (G. Berthiaume, 24/09)

Own Your Classroom: The Business of 21st Century Teaching (Lisa [SimpleK12), 24/09)

Project Based Learning through Mobile Devices (Shelly Terrell, 01/09)

Starting a Class, School, or District Twitter Account (Steven Anderson, 24/08)

Technology Smackdown (Simple K-12, 25/08)

The Google+ Guide for Educators (Simple K-12, 24/09)

Twitter for Beginners: The Basics of Setting Up Your PLN (Kyle Pace, 24/09)

Use Your iPad to Share Resources, Collaborate, and Eliminate Paperwork (mrcasal, 27/09)


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  1. It’s great to read something that’s both enjoyable and provides praagimtsdc solutions.

  2. Thank you for attending my Sk12 webinars. I appreciate it!

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