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Term 4, No Chore! | Greet Your New Class


11233799_410623752469019_7156324090602102368_oHere in Australia we’ve just started our last term of the year.

That means, soon we’ll be saying good bye to the beautiful students we’ve been teaching all year long.

It also means that we’ll be meeting and greeting our new grades for 2016, too, which is always a very exciting time, too. But it does involve a bit of organising!

I teach Foundation – the entry year to school, sometimes called Prep or Kinder – and next week we start our Transition Program for 2016. That means students enrolled for next year come for five 1-2 hour sessions where they become familiar with our school and surroundings, they meet the current Foundation teachers, and their buddies (a Grade 5 or 6 student who will help look after them) for the following year.

It’s a really wonderful program that I’ve had the privilege of participating in for the last 5 (soon to be 6) years.

At the culmination of this program, the fifth session is where incoming students get to meet their teacher for the very first time.

It’s only a short time, but it’s special. Students get a special show bag with simple, fun activities for the holidays and walk away knowing who’s going to be teaching them and what their classroom looks like.

But, do I leave it there? No way!

My special treat for meet the teacher is to give each student a special little badge to let them know that they’re part of my class. (Because, we’re going to be an awesome, class, right?!)

All it takes is some colour, a fun graphic and a bit of text:

Slide1These are my badges for the last two years. I just print them off, laminate them, cut them out, punch a hole and attach a safety pin. Every child gets one, and the whole class walks out knowing their part of my class. It’s a lovely way to foster community even before students ‘officially’ start school!

(Also, this is handy for new families to spot students who are in their child’s class so they can approach other parents and network. Bonus!)

I’m in the process of designing my badge for this year, but if you’re interested, I’ll share it with you later!

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I’d also love for you to share YOUR tips and tricks in the comments, too!

Until next time friends, happy teaching!



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  1. I love the badges Stef! Great idea.

  2. I love this idea! Such cute badges, best of luck with your transition days!

  3. Your little superstars are so lucky to have you Stef, you are such an amazing teacher – they look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing – its the little things like this that make such a huge difference to our kids 🙂

  4. I can imagine how happy the kids are to receive those badges, and if they keep them at home they’ll sure know your name well when they come back! Great idea, Stef!

  5. The badges are so cute Stef! You have a great eye for design. It’s a fantastic way to motivate kids. 🙂

  6. These badges are adorable Stef. What a great idea – thanks for sharing them.
    Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  7. Great tip! I haven’t done anything like this as part of our transition program, but I love it and I’ll get started on designing my badge straight away.

  8. Stef, I LOVE your badge idea and the point you make about parents networking! So thoughtful! Totally stealing this!!

  9. Ohhh Stef, these are so sweet and such a beautiful idea!

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