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A Bright Idea for Handwriting



Thanks for joining the Bright Ideas Blog Hop this month.

Almost two years ago I wrote a blog post about the handwriting bags I was using with my class and it’s one of my most popular posts that I receive comments and emails for.


Today I thought I’d share the revised version of my Handwriting Bags for my brand new class of Kinder/Foundation/Prep kiddos.

These are bags full of handwriting goodies that the kids keep in their chair bags so that they always have the tools they need ready to go.


I start with a large ziplock bag to pack all the goodies in. This keeps everything neat and tidy and stops little pieces from being lost. Also, because the bags are clear, it’s easy to work out WHO dropped WHAT on the floor.


What’s included in the bags:

  • 1 mini whiteboard
  • 1 A4 laminated handwriting page –  this has our school’s handwriting font (Vic Modern Cursive) in upper and lowercase letters, plus a larger version of their name to practise correct letter formation.
  • 1 little tub of playdough
  • 1 whiteboard marker
  • 1 piece of Magic Eraser sponge


The play dough is there for warming up little fingers. I have quite a few kiddos with very poor fine motor skills this year and I intend for them to use the play dough for the first minute or two.

The mini whiteboards are normally used during whole class instruction, where students record the letter under focus and can then hold the board underneath their chin so I can see how everyone’s going. (Also, it’s a bit easier than having everyone argue about coming up to the teacher’s board to practise writing their letters.)

The A4 laminated pages are usually for warm-ups or early finishers to practise forming each letter correctly, following the arrows provided in the tunnelling font for Vic Modern Cursive.

The Magic Eraser sponges are AWESOME at cleaning whiteboard markers off both whiteboards and laminated sheets and I can buy a couple of packets, cut them up and have really inexpensive erasers for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by this blog hop! I’d love to heard your ideas for handwriting, so don’t forget to leave a comment below. I’d also love for you to stop by my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more bright ideas!

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  1. Hi there, just wondering where you got the Victorian Modern Cursive tunnelling font from? I really love the idea of making the laminated sheets and names.

  2. Magic Erasers have changed my life! They are so good-much better and less messy than whiteboard spray! So easy to use!

  3. Hi Stef,

    I think this idea is just fabulous! I have access to the NSW Foundation font at school (I’m in the ACT) but I am wondering how you managed to get the handwriting lines in the document in line with your letters?

  4. Are you talking about the magic erasers that you use for cleaning?

  5. Great ideas, what are the magic erasers and where do you get them?

  6. Hi, Just wondering where you got the Vic cursive with directional lines.. I have check the fonts at Kinberley Gerswein.

  7. Hi Stefanie, I’m a family daycare educator, some of my children are interested in writing their names the alphabet and letters how am I able to get a copy of your name and alphabet sheets please and thanks Katrina

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