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Five for Friday – September 12

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Sunrise on Monday morning. This was before the horror morning of public transport disaster, but it was quite a pretty day before the rest of the disaster happened. Still, 5 days later I’m a lot calmer about the whole thing. Plus, I just like the photo!


So… it’s Spring here in Australia. And on Tuesday afternoon you could have sworn it was Winter. At about 3:50pm it decided to BUCKET DOWN WITH RAIN. It was like the clouds just opened up and dumped water over Heidelberg and this was the result. Most of the photos are taken from inside my classroom looking out over our Middle School yard.

There was so much rain we had multiple leaks in the school and in the shopping centre next door to us.

Plus, a whole lot of hail that survived until Wednesday morning (the very leafy photos at the end!).



We’ve been exploring length this week!



We raided our veggie patch on Thursday afternoon. We pulled out 6 heads of lettuce, 30 radishes and a handful of snow peas and broad beans.

Then we had a taste-test!



This was my art-therapy last night while I was trying to relax. I watched a wonderful tutorial on Youtube by The Frugral Crafter on this Whimsical Zentangle Art Journal Piece.

It’s not finished yet, but I’ll share a picture when it’s done.

I was talking to my Grade 3/4 colleagues about how it could be incorporated into their program, because they would absolutely love it!

That’s it for me – I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!


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  1. I did Long and Short Snakes with my preps last week. They did really well with length, and loved that maths included playdough!

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