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Tuesday Art Linky – Ladybird Drawing Craft


Linky-TuesdayArtGoal #1 – Join Mel (From the Pond)’s awesome art linky!

Slooowly getting back into the blogging thing! So, without further ado, here is a fun little craft I did last week with my class when we needed a chance to refocus, relax and practise our listening skills.

I combined two ideas in this craft.

First of all, I was totally inspired by Mel’s fabulous Ladybug Art post last week. I really loved the effect of the blue and green background, but was lacking in red kinder circles (and kinder circles in general). I didn’t really want to photocopy circles on red paper, either.

Then I remembered I had a fun directed drawing pack by Doodle Bugs Teaching (Spring Directed Drawing Activities) and instantly I had an excellent listening task, that each student could complete in their own style and still look fabulous!

Slide2My example. I didn’t get to colour in my ladybird. So sad! Still, it’s waiting for me to colour in and be stored in my examples folder for the next time I need a quick and easy craft.

And now for some student examples:


Slide3I think they look so adorable. They’re currently up on display on our entrance door and look fabulous together with the very vibrant dark blue and green backgrounds!

Don’t forget to head over to From the Pond to link up your ideas or check out some other great ideas!



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  1. Thanks for sharing this cute spring activity!

    Keep Calm and Teach On

  2. What awesome artwork!! Perfect for the dreary rainy weather at the start of Winter.

    Luck’s Little Learners

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