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USA Trip 2012-2013


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Hello my friends!

To say that I’m excited is probably an understatement.

In just 3 days time I will be departing the relative warmth of Melbourne, and heading to the US for a 3 and a half week whirlwind trip with my best friend!

On the agenda: New York, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Disneyland (Anaheim) and Los Angeles!

Picture me, jumping up and down with excitement.

Now, I’ve actually visited ALL these places before (6 years ago), but I had the best time and can’t wait to get back there. (I’m already plotting a third trip in a few years time, this time visiting some new places, though!)

However, I must put this question out there, because as a tourist I know what the tourist guides say… but local knowledge is better:

What are the MUST SEE/DO activities while I’m in the U.S.?

Help a girl out!

If I get a chance I’ll update this blog from the U.S., otherwise be prepared for a recap when I return on the 19th January!

To everyone: I wish you a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a safe and Happy New Year!





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  1. In DC, see all the famous monuments! In New York, go to the 9/11 memorial.. it’s sad, but beautiful. Just have a blast while you’re here in the US! 🙂

    Miss V’s Busy Bees

  2. Hi Sara,

    They’re all definitely on my list! The last time I was in New York, the 9/11 memorial hadn’t been finished so it’s one of those places that I want to go and revisit.

    I definitely hope to have a blast!


  3. Stef,
    Your selection of cities to visit looks terrific. I know you will have a fabulous time mostly because of your positive and adventurous spirit and attitude. I hope you have as much fun as your students do learning in your class. The fact that your best friend is with will only be frosting on the cake. I hope your have the opportunity to make new friends during this adventure. The places and things you see will provide ample excitement for the two of you but if new friendship can be kindled, these may grow and provide lasting relationships for years to come. The heart of life and living is about making connections and building relationships. Hey, maybe you can connection with a few twitter friends during this sojourn. Wishing you a marvelous and safe adventure in the US of A.

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