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The lovely Tania, from Mrs Poultney’s Ponderings, has reached 101 (and beyond) followers and is hosting a giveaway on her blog. Click the banner or link above to go to her blog to see the awesome prizes up for grabs!

I’m offering any item from my TpT store, along with lots of other fantastic teachers. So don’t be shy – go and enter!

I also had to add a link (and participation entry) to The 3AM Teacher‘s fantastic link-up – and it’s all about reflecting on your first year of blogging.

My favourite memory from my first year of blogging (and really, I still consider this to be my ‘first year’ even though it’s probably more like 15 months!) is not one specific event, but more a cumulative event.

I’m constantly astounded and amazed by the talent and dedication of the teachers who blog and share resources online. When I first started blogging, I thought that I would only be blogging about technology-based tools and ideas to assist my students in the classroom – and the teachers that I met online had very similar goals. Then I also met and started following teachers who shared classroom activities and ideas beyond technology – who introduced my to Pinterest and TpT and the wonderful world of creating resources.

My greatest memory is knowing that there are so many wonderful teachers who are willing to share their knowledge, expertise and love of teaching with the world, and inspire people to make a difference.

That is a memory I will keep forever.

What is your favourite memory from your first year as a blogger?

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